Saturday, 27 July 2013

Prince Albert's Needs Its Own Blog Post

If you click on a link for London, Ontario on Urbanspoon you'll find Prince Albert's at the number one position. I haven't figured out how Urbanspoon makes those calculations yet, but it would appear that this location is the most popular in the city according to the site. And it's true. Prince Alberts is one of the defining features of down-town London with its bright yellow exterior, its cool interior, and its famed peanut-butter burger, and it's right in the centre of everything that's anything in the city. I've also met very few people in my time in London that haven't checked out this restaurant before. It was even a place that I checked out during my university years, when I wasn't so adventurous and didn't do much exploring of the city. And so I thought, this place deserves its own blog post, and here that blog post is.

Prince Albert's is something like a hybrid between an old-fashioned diner off of a highway or in a small-town, and a cool student hangout. I was in there last night for the first time in over five years, and they had tunes from old Big Shiny Tunes records spinning at break-neck volumes. The interior was styled classically like a diner, but with a modern edge, not uncommon, but not found everywhere. And of course, the bright yellow exterior that you can't miss as you walk or drive down Richmond. This was a place that I frequented during my younger university years, between the ages of 18-21. It seems to be geared for that demographic.

Now, since I moved back to London my tastes have been more geared to the upper-scale restaurant, with finer foods, and finer drinks. And if in that vein a place like The Church Key Bistro Pub is the defining location of the city, I'd say Prince Albert's is the face of the student crowd. Sure, there are big boxes with generic menus and atmosphere all over the place, draining student pocketbooks, but of those student hangouts Prince Albert's stands out as a real, true-blue part and landmark of London, Ontario, where generations of locals and students have had a burger and a couple beers while listening to a selection of nostalgic tunes.

The menu is about what you'd expect from a diner, the food is solid, the staff are great, the prices are cheap, and the atmosphere is fun. If you want to experience an historic part of the city, make sure you check it out.

Prince Albert's on Urbanspoon


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